Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Privilege in knowing God

It is a privilege for us to know God and we should try to keep a personal relationship with Him at all times. This book explains how many people go through life never knowing God or experiencing a relationship with Him and as an end result, they die as unbelievers who never discovered why they were put on earth.

Technology today keeps us busy and we all sometimes "forget" to include God in our daily routines. We become overwhelmed and stressed out and having all that technology doesn't equal a relationship with God, who we cannot know unless we know Christ. Truth is, the technology and education we have with technology doesn't make us intelligent. We need to become knowledgeable in the fact that God wants us to live as His Son lived.

I've learned that trials will come our way but we must remember that Jesus never leaves our side and He is with us in the middle of everything we are going through. Even when we cannot see Him, He is there. We are to ask the Lord to help us find things in our lives that we need to surrender to Him.

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